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Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask

Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask

All Skin Types

Skin Miracle Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask is packed with brightening complex that can result in a brighter complexion. It also keeps skin moisturized. It also known for its soothing properties that calm the skin.
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Brightens complexion, keeps skin moisturized, calms the skin.

How to Use?

Mix 20g of powder with 60g of water.
Mix vigorously until a smooth and homogeneous mixture is obtained.
Apply the mask immediately in a semi-thick layer on cleansed skin (avoid the eye contour and eyebrows).
Leave mask on for at 15-20 minutes.
Peel off and sponge off.

Who Can Use?

Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask is made up of ingredients that are gentle enough for sensitive skin, especially for most skin types.


Bio Whitening Peel Off Mask contains Brightening Complex (Mannitol, Sodium Gluconate, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Waltheria Indica Leaf Extract, Dextrin, Ferulic Acid), Allantoin, Menthol as active ingredients.

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